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Bakery Fresh Sweets

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    Dutch Truffle With Roses

    Chocolate roses for decorating wedding and celebration cakes. These chocolate roses are handmade to a superior finish to decorate the most exquisite of cakes. This popular dessert item is a dark-colored baked cake that contains chocolate as the main flavoring ingredient. Often coated with sugar frosting or icing, the chocolate cake is presented as a sheet cake or a layered round, and decorated to suit the occasion.
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    Crunchy mixed chocolates gift

    Cakes play the role of real hero of any celebrations - whether it's birthday bash, anniversary party or a wedding celebration. As the season of festivals begins with Raksha Bandhan, you may have some plans to order cake online. And if you have more options to buy cakes online, there is nothing like it. Here is a cluster of some mouthwatering cakes for you and your loved ones.